Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD is a professional advertising design enterprise which provides full range of creative design solutions in brand design, advertising, web design, exhibition, organizations' culture and art exchange activities. From its former name "Beijing Joe-star Growth Studio", it has had seven years of excellent reputation and accumulation of high-quality and satisfactory output, giving birth to a new company name, “Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD..

Brand Design

Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD uses our expertise to help you dream. Our company has had 7 years of experience in brand design; and has successfully served hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

Website Design

Starting from careful analysis of your company's objectives and identification of the competitors, we can create the corresponding web site for your own brand positioning and core competitiveness. The outcome will be the customers' personalized web site; reflecting the combination of its corporate culture and specific purposes to create unique solutions to achieve its goal.

Digital Animation

Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD creates many excellent digital animation works for well-known enterprises, government, television media which have been distributed to the European and Asian countries. Kuang He has the most outstanding production resources and intellectual virtues of designers and management team.

Advertising Agency Services

Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD advertising department was established in 2007 and has been committed for the past 4 years to the mobile media and outdoor advertising media operations. We have a good reputation and credibility in the advertising industry as we apply " customer first, efficiency first" concept of operation.

Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD has a professional and efficient team who have the passion and commitment to the pursuit of the perfect combination of art and business

About us

Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD professional design team’s strength includes originality, confidence and exceptional diligence. All of the personnel have rich experience in graphic design, and deep painterly skill. These traits have become the company's unique core competitiveness in the long term of the industry. Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD continuously innovate in the pursuit of first-class domestic enterprise cooperation and high level of creative platform. Beijing Joe-star Advertisement Design Co., LTD constantly learns advanced production technology, enterprise operation mode; and research and development mode to serve our partners in the best way we can.

Meet our team

  • Quinten Joe
    General manager
    Chinese senior expert in brand design, with more than 10 years of experience in branding, highly competent in excellent brand diagnosis and planning.
  • James Zhang

    Senior partner

    A graduate in economics from the University of London, where he had many years of work experience in the famous British advertising media companies. He also participated in a number of Sino-British cooperation in international business activities, and lead his team to complete the implementation of many successful projects.

Our Services

  • Brand Design

    Beijing Joestar Advertising design Co., LTD . conceptualizes, does testing, repeated simulation and creativity assessment, for you to provide a visual control system, and create a corporate overall visual quality.
  • Website Development

    Beijing Joestar Advertising design Co., LTD . Has professional design standards, advanced technology, many years of project experience and strong partners who are ready to develop your web site anytime..
  • Digital Animation

    The perfect combination of art and business provide our customers with the sense of the aesthetic and commercial value. We have a large number of success stories, as we are committed to using creative solutions for customers to meet their expectations. In Beijing Joestar Advertising design Co., LTD, you'll find out that every problem has a solution.
  • Advertising Agency Services

    Beijing Joestar Advertising design Co., LTD assures you that the consumer groups will get the most timely and efficient information dissemination, which results to your company's or products' visibility as an effective competitive edge through the effectiveness of our marketing plans, precise media analysis, economic investment planning, television media planning and production on the depth of corporate culture dissemination and the market's demand. Our philosophy remains unchanged, from the beginning to the end, customer satisfaction is our commitment forever.

Our Customer

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